C heck your calendar or planner to see what classes you have the next day.
  • Check to see what classes you have the next day. If you're on block scheduling, remember to check which type of classes you will have the next day.

  • Check your planner for any assignments or tests for the next day.

  • Check your notebook for each subject to see what materials you need to bring home.
A calendar.
L ist the items you need for the next day the night before.
  • On a piece of paper, list all of the things you need for your classes the next day.

  • Make sure you remember to bring any special forms that have to be signed by your parents.
A list of things needed for school.
A lways gather the materials from your list and put them in your bookbag.
  • Gather everything that you need the night before and put the things in your bookbag.

  • Don't wait till the morning because you may be rushed and forget to check.
Materials gathered for school.
S et your bookbag by the door so you won't forget it.
  • Put your bookbag right by the door so that you can't miss it when you walk out the next morning.
A bookbag sitting by the door.
H ave a list in your locker of what materials you need before each class and look at this list before each class.
  • At the beginning of the school day, write a list on a sticky note of what you will need for each class and stick it on the inside of your locker. If you have a dry-erase board on your locker, use that. Use this method only if you go to your locker between each of your classes.

  • As you take the materials for each class, check off the sticky note or erase the item from the dry-erase board.
Keep a list in your locker of what you need.



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