C opy chapter headings and subheadings from notes onto colored note cards.
  • Use different colored note cards to show that these are main ideas.
An image of colored note cards with headings on them.
O rganize important facts, definitions, and information onto white note cards.
  • Use white note cards to indicate that these are specifics that go under different main ideas.

  • On one side of the card, write a fact, definition, or information. On the other side write a question that asks for this fact, definition, or information.
An image of a note card with the term on the front and the definition on the back.
N umber the white note cards to show the order they appeared in the book.
  • Put a number on each card to show the order the material was given in the book.
An image of note cards in numbered order.
A rrange the colored note cards in columns.
  • Leave space under each colored card to place the white cards underneath.
I dentify each card's correct place underneath the colored cards.
  • Put the cards in numbered order under each colored card.

  • Try to remember the location and order of the cards when you take a test.
An image of note cards arranged in order by number and color category.
R eview information on each card.
  • Shuffle the white cards and then place them under the corresponding colored cards.

  • Test yourself on the information on the white cards. Read the questions, answer them, and then check for the correct answer on the backs.
An image of an A+ paper.



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