With this strategy you are to read your paper four times, each time looking for a different way of evaluating whether the ideas in your paper are clearly presented. You are to read your paper from the perspective of a person who does not know anything about the topic you are writing about. You are to ask yourself if this person could understand the topic based on how you wrote your paper.

F ind the main ideas and topics.
  • First read your title and ask if it clearly presents the topic of the paper.
  • Then read your paper and ask yourself if each paragragh is related to the topic and contributes to the overall meaning of the paper.
An eye searching for the main ideas and topics in the paper.
A sk yourself if the paper is well organized.
  • Read the paper to make sure that it has a clear beginning, middle, and end.
  • Make sure that the ending is not under-developed. Sometimes writers are eager to finish their papers as they get near the end, and they don't develop their ideas adequately at the conclusion.
A boy asking himself, "Is this well organized?"
S can each word and sentence.
  • Read your paper and ask yourself if each of the words and sentences clearly present the ideas you want.
An eye scanning each word and sentence.
T ake the time to re-write.
  • If you find any words, sentences, or sections that would not be clear to the reader, re-write them.
  • Re-read your re-written paper to make sure that it would be understandable to any reader.
A boy studying at a desk.



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