F ind what you are solving for.
  • Look for the question mark.

  • Underline the information that tells you what you are solving for.

  • Look at the keywords.

  • Underline them twice.

A sk yourself, "What information is given?"

  • Read the whole equation.

  • Look for "like terms".

  • Combine "like" terms.

S et up the equation.
  • Write the equation with the numbers in the correct order.

Tie down the equation.

  • Reread the underlined sentences.

  • Check highlighted key words and operation signs.

  • Say aloud the operation and what the operation means (e.g. "addition means I need to combine the numbers.")

  • Solve the problem if you can, or draw pictures to solve it using DRAW.

D iscover the sign.
  • Find the sign.

  • Circle the sign.

  • Say the name of the sign aloud.

R ead the problem.

  • Say the problem aloud.

A nswer the problem or draw.
  • See examples for how to draw answers.

  • Be sure to double-check your answer.


W rite the answer.
  • Write down the answer to the problem.

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