O bserve the problem.
  • Look for multiple operation signs, symbols, & numbers.



R ead the signs (identify operations).
  • Identify the operations represented by the signs
    (+, -, x, ÷).


D ecide which operations to do first.
E xecute the rule of order.
  • (Many Dogs Are Smelly!; Pew Eew! Many Dogs Are Smelly!)

  • These sentences help you to remember which operation to do first. If you have a problem with just basic operations, you multiply and/or divide first (Many Dogs) and then add and/or subtract (Are Smelly).

  • If you have a problem that has parentheses and/or exponents, then you follow the order of Pew (parentheses) Eew (exponents) Many (multiplication) Dogs (division) Are (addition) Smelly (subtraction).
R elax, you're done!



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