R ead the entire question and ALL choices before answering.
  • Always re-read the entire question and all choices.

  • You may think the question is asking one thing, but after you read the complete question, it may actually be asking something else.
Eyes scanning a page.
A nalyze the context and figure out words that you do not know.
  • Identify unknown words.

  • Try to remember where you have seen these words before. Maybe you saw them in your textbooks or in your notes.

  • Analyze the context by trying to use the words you know that are surrounding the unknown words. By analyzing the surrounding words, you may be able to figure out the unknown word.


A question mark.
I dentify the key words in the question and answer choices.
  • These words are: often, most, all, some, equal, good and sometimes.
A magnifying glass looking at key words.
N otice the negatives.
  • These words are: no, not, none, never, and the prefixes un(unimportant) and in(incomplete) in each question and answer.

  • Negatives can completely change the meaning of a question or an answer so watch carefully for these words.


A negative sign.
S earch for grammatical clues.
  • All questions follow the rules of grammar. Narrow your choices by eliminating possible answers that do not produce grammatically correct sentences.
A telescope searching for grammatical clues.



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