S et a timer and sit down to study.
    Use your watch or a kitchen timer and set it for a certain period of time that you plan to study.
Timer to use while studying.
S ee if you are off task.
  • When you notice that your mind has drifted off task, tell yourself that you are not studying and that you have to go back to studying.



The alarm clock reminds you of you should be doing.

T ouch the circle.
  • Draw a circle on a piece of scratch paper.

  • Every time you become aware that you are daydreaming, make a mark inside the circle.

An image of a page with a circle where the number of times off task are marked.
O rganize your thoughts.
  • After you make a mark in the circle, take a few seconds to organize your thoughts.

  • Shut your eyes and tell yourself to get back to studying.
Organize your thoughts and proceed again.
P roceed again.
  • Once you have organized your thoughts, begin to study again.

  • Once your study session is over, count the number of marks you made in the circle.

  • Your goal is to decrease the number of marks you make in a circle the next time you study. Try to reach a point where you can study without making any marks in a circle. Then you will have overcome your problems with daydreaming!



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