S ay the sentence aloud.
  • If you can't think of a word to fit your idea, read the sentence that you have written and say the word "blank" for the missing word. Then try to think of words that might fit the sentence.

  • If you write a word that doesn't sound right, read the sentence aloud and listen to whether it sounds right. If it doesn't, then try to think of other words that might fit better.

The thinker thinking about Anne Frank's book.
A ssociate the idea with words and pictures.
  • If you can't think of a specific word, brainstorm and list as many words as possible that might fit the sentence. Read the sentence with each of the words you listed and decide on the word that best fits.

  • If you can't brainstorm words, try to associate a picture in your head with the idea that you are trying to express. See if the picture helps a word come into your mind.

A listing of words.
T hesaurus.
  • If associations do not help you think of words, then use the thesaurus on your word processor or in book form. Read the different choices, putting each in the sentence as you read it aloud. Decide which best fits the meaning that you want to express.
A picture of the thesaurus spell checker from MS Word.



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