S ay each integer aloud or to yourself.

P oint to each integer and look for negative signs.
  • Check for & circle negative integers by looking for the "-" symbol.

  • Integers that are positive will likely not have a sign.

I dentify whether each integer is positive or negative.

E valuate the value of each integer using the Rules of Value.
  • Rules of Value

    • Rule #1 (positive # & negative #) - positive integer is always greater in value.

    • Rule #2 (all positive #'s) - integer that is farther from zero on a number line is of greater value.

    • Rule #3 (all negative #'s) - integer closest to zero on a number line is of greater value.

S elect integer of greatest value.

  • Use Gator picture cue .
    • Think of "<" and ">" signs as the mouth of an alligator or shark - it has to open its mouth wider for the "bigger" integer.
    • For Example



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