S etting.
  • Write the title of the paper in the center circle.

  • Draw a line from the center circle. Make a smaller circle and write the word setting in it.

  • From this circle draw lines to smaller circles where you list the who (people), what (animals, events), where (places), and when (times) in the story.

  • Fill in as much detail as you will need to use when writing your paper.

P roblem.
  • Make another circle and write the word problem in it.

  • Think of the major problems that will occur in the story.

  • Analyze the who, what, where, and when in relationship to the problem.

O rder of action.
  • Make another circle and write the order of action in it. List all the events that you want to include in the story.

  • Number these in order in which they will happen.

R esolution.
  • Make another circle and write the word resolution in it.

  • Describe how the problem will be solved.

E nd.
  • Make the last circle and write the word end in it.

  • Identify how the story will be wrapped up. Describe what happens to the various characters.

  • Review the story web and re-read what you have written in each circle so that you can see if you have an organized story, that you have enough detail, and that there are no unrelated ideas.

  • Now you are ready to write your paper. Write complete sentences for each of the words and phrases in each of the circles of your story web. As you write sentences, check off the items in the circle to make sure that you have included everything in your story.



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