S ay to yourself, "Where did I see this information when I was studying?"
  • When you find yourself forgetting important information, think back to when you were studying.

  • Try to think of where the information was located in a certain book or on a certain page of the book or in your lecture notes or on your note cards.
Picture when you studied the information
P icture in your head what you read or wrote that might help.
  • Close your eyes and picture yourself just as you studied for the test.

  • Try to visualize the information just as you saw it in your book or your notes when you were studying. Try to remember what you said aloud when you studied.
A boy picturing himself studying.
O rganize in your mind all of the study aids that you used.
  • Study aids include memory strategies such as mnemonics and any other strategies used to memorize important information.

  • Think about any note cards that you made.

  • Think about any key words and pictures that you created.
A mnemonic device.
R emember to "dump" all the information as you recall it.
  • As you take the test, write everything you studied. Write this in the margins or on the back of the test.
A dump truck dumping information.
T ell yourself that you need to go back and look at the "dumped" information.
  • As you answer the questions, go back and look at everything you wrote in the margins or on the back of the test.

  • As you look at each thing in the margin, ask if you included it in your answer, and if not, do you want to include it?
Looking at dumped information.



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