T opic.
  • Clearly identify the topic that you are to write about.

  • If you are choosing a topic, make sure that it is broad so that there is a lot of information available on it.

  • If you are given a topic, make sure that you understand it fully. If necessary, ask your teacher to explain it.
A clearly identifed topic.
B rainstorm.
  • Brainstorm what you already know about this topic.

  • When you brainstorm, think about these sources of information:
    • Class discussions
    • Readings
    • Media (movies, TV, radio)
    • Research
A brainstorm of the topic.
N arrow your search.
  • Analyze the information you brainstormed to narrow your search.

  • Identify specific sub-topics that you need to research from other sources.
A narrowed search.

A sk yourself where to get the information.
  • Think of the types of sources you need to investigate to get the information.
    • Internet search engines
    • Library books
    • References, such as encyclopedias and public documents
    • Interviews
    • Media, such as movies, radio, and TV programs

An internet search and the library. A library.
I nvestigate sources of information.
  • Gather information from these sources.

  • Take notes and record references for use in a bibliography.
A pad of paper with notes.
L ook over the information.
  • Review all the information you have gathered to make sure that you have enough information on all sub-topics so that you can fully discuss the overall topic in your paper.

  • If you need additional information, return to your sources and gather more.

  • If you have information that does not seem to be important, keep it until you write your paper before discarding it.
A boy looking over the information.



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