B reak memorizing into short time periods.
"I have to read a chapter about nutrition for my health class. Looking through the chapter, I see that I have 20 pages to read. I will spend about one hour studying this chapter. I have decided to break the chapter into four parts. I will read five pages at a time and take a short break between parts."
Pie graph broken into 4 sections, each representing 5 pages.
R ecite information aloud.
"I'm going to take notes on the six main types of nutrients that are needed for people to grow and function. I will write the name of each nutrient on the front of a card and the effects of the nutrient on the back of the card. For carbohydrates, I will write energy. For fats, I will write cushion body organs and insulate body from temperature changes. For proteins, I will write growth and body tissue repair. For vitamins, I will write fight infection. For minerals, I will write strengthen bones and other body parts. For water, I will write carries nutrients through the body."
Boy recites notes about the native people of Canada.
E stablish mnemonics to help you remember information.
"To help me remember the six main types of nutrients, I will make a sentence using the first letters: c, f, p, v, m, and w. If I move these letters around, I can create the sentence: When can fat people visit me? When I take the test, I will remember this sentence and write the first letter for each word and then try to associate these with the six nutrients."
Mnemonic H.A.M., from Algonquin, Hunters, and Moose.
A lways try to picture in your mind words or pictures to help you remember.
"To help me remember the effects of these nutrients, I will try to picture them in my mind. I know that people eat a lot of carbohydrates when they run races because they need energy, so I will picture a runner when I think of the effects of carbohydrates. When I think of fats, I will picture a fat person with cushions around him that are cushioning his organs. For vitamins, I will picture myself taking a vitamin every morning. For protein, I will picture a child who is growing fast and is wearing pants that are too short for him. For minerals, I will think of a strong man with muscles, and for water, I will think of a river carrying nutrients."
A boy thinking about a totem pole.
K ey words help.
"The only word that is hard for me is the word carbohydrate. I will think of the word car when I need to remember this word. I will also associate a car that goes fast with the idea that carbohydrates provide energy for people to move fast."
The keyword 'gone' to remember Algonquin.



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