B reak memorizing into short time periods.
"I have to read a chapter about Canada for my geography class. Looking through the chapter, I see that I have 10 pages to read. I will spend about 40 minutes studying this chapter. I have decided to break the chapter into two parts. I will read five pages at a time and take a short break at the end of the first five pages."
Pie graph broken into 2 sections, each representing 5 pages.
R ecite information aloud.
"I'm going to take notes on the native peoples that have lived in Canada. I will write the name of each tribe on the front and what they were noted for on the back. I will write the Tsimshian people on the front of the card. On the back I will write that they used trees to build longhouses, totem poles, and canoes to hunt whales and seals. I will write the Algonquin on the front of the card. On the back I will write that they were hunters so they did not have permanent homes. They moved through the northern forests following moose and caribou. For the Iroquois, I will write that they were farmers and built villages along the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River."
Boy recites notes about the native people of Canada.
E stablish mnemonics to help you remember information.
"To help me remember what each tribe was noted for, I will create a sentence. For the Tsimshian, I will use t, l (for longhouses), c (for canoes), and t (for totem poles). I will use the sentence: Tarzan took long canoes. For the Algonquin, I will use a, h (for hunters), and m (for moose). I will use the word ham to remember. For the Iroquois, I will use I, f (for farmers), and v (for villages) and g (for Great Lakes). I will use the sentence: I feel very good."
Mnemonic H.A.M., from Algonquin, Hunters, and Moose.
A lways try to picture in your mind words or pictures to help you remember.
"To help me remember how the tribes lived, I will try to picture a totem pole for the Tsimshian, a hunter shooting a bow and arrow at a buffalo for the Algonquin, and a small Indian village for the Iroquois."
A boy thinking about a totem pole.
K ey words help.
"To help me remember that the Algonquin were hunters who did not have permanent settlements, I will pick out the word gon (to stand for gone) to show that they did not stay places, but were gone when the seasons changed."
The keyword 'gone' to remember Algonquin.



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