C opy chapter headings and subheadings onto colored note cards.
"The main headings of this section of the chapter are
  • Natural Selection,
  • Evidence of Evolution
  • Mechanisms of Evolution
I will write each of these on a different colored note card."
An image of colored note cards with headings on them.
O rganize the important facts, definitions, and information onto white note cards.
"I will start out by writing the important information for the heading on Natural Selection. I will write "Charles Darwin" on the front of a card and on the back I will write :
  • Founder of evolutionary theory
  • Formed hypothesis on evolution on Galapagos Islands
Next I will write definition on the front and on the back I will write:
  • Change in populations that occurs when organisms with favorable variations for an environment survive, reproduce, and pass those variations onto the next generation.
On the third card I will write the word Adaptations on the front and the definition on the back:
  • Make organisms more likely to survive
  • Examples are mimicry and camouflage."
An image of a note card with the term on the front and the definition on the back.
N umber the white note cards to show the order they appeared in the book. An image of note cards in numbered order.
A rrange the colored note cards in columns.

I dentify each card's correct place underneath the colored cards.
"The card with Charles Darwin goes first under the heading of Natural Selection. Then the cards on Definitions and Adaptations are next."
An image of note cards arranged in order by number and color category.
R eview information on each card.
"I've put all the white cards in the right columns. Now I'm going to read the front as a question like, "Who was Charles Darwin?" Then I will check the back to see if I'm right."
An image of an A+ paper.



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