D iscover the sign.
  • Find the sign.
  • Circle the sign.
  • Say the name of the sign aloud.

"Let's see I need to look at the problem 13 x 8 and find the sign. Well, there is only one sign, so I will circle it. It is a multiplication sign."

R ead the problem.

  • Say the problem aloud.

    "The problem I need to solve is thirteen times eight."


A nswer the problem or draw.
  • See examples for how to draw answer.
  • Be sure to double-check your answer.

" Now I need to draw the answer. Thirteen times eight means thirteen groups of eight. That means that I am going to look at the first number, thirteen, and draw thirteen circles. Then I am going to put eight tally marks in each of the thirteen circles.Now I need to count up my tally marks. 13 groups of 8 means that I have 104 tally marks all together. I want to double check my answer, so I am going to count to make sure that I have drawn 13 circles and count to make sure I have put eight tally marks in each circle. Finally, I'm going to recount my tally marks."


W rite the answer.
  • Write down the answer to the problem.
"So, I know that 13 x 8 is 104. I will write 104 for the answer."


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