The purpose of this questionnaire is to help you to understand your learning strengths and weaknesses so that you can work on improving your weaknesses.

Read each statement and then write:

Y for YES if it always applies to you
S for SOMETIMES if it applies to you sometimes
N for NO if it never applies to you


Time Management

____ 1. I don't use a planner or calendar.

____ 2. I do not keep track of tests and assignments.

____ 3. I do not lay out a study plan for tests and assignments.

____ 4. I have trouble getting to class.

____ 5. I have difficulty setting goals.

Materials Management

____ 6. I do not keep a separate notebook for each class

. ____ 7. I forget to bring things I need to class.

____ 8. I forget to bring home things that I need for studying or for homework.