S kim the text for words you do not understand.

"I will skim the first section in the chapter on defenses against infectious disease. I will circle words that I don't know."

"The words I circled are:"
  • intercellular
  • capillaries
  • ducts
  • homeostasis
  • pathogens
An image of a book with the caption: Skim the Text.
W rite the unknown words on one side of the note cards.

"I will write each of these words on the front of a note card."
An image of a note card with a term on it.
G o back and write the definitions for the terms on the other sides of the cards.

"I'm going to read the text around the unknown words. I will try to find the definitions through content clues. Then I will write the definitions on the backs of the note cards. From reading the text around the word homeostasis, I found the definition of this word."

"I couldn't figure out all of the definitions, so I will look in the glossary to get the other definitions. The glossary had pathogens and capillaries defined. I will write the definition on the back of each note card."

"I still couldn't find the definition of duct so I will use the dictionary to find out what it means. Then I will write it on the back of the card."
An image of a note card with a definition on it.
C reate two piles of cards.

"I understand some of the words and their definitions now, so I will put them in one pile. I couldn't find the definition of intercellular. I will keep it in a separate pile so I can remember to ask my teacher about that definition."
An image of 2 piles of note cards:  1.  Cards you know the definitions to, and 2.  Cards you don't know the definitions to.



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