S etting :

  • This story is entitled "The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky" by Stephen Crane.
    • Setting: Yellow Sky, TX
    • Characters:
      • Jack Potter
      • His Bride
      • Scratchy Wilson
      • Towns people

P roblem
  • The problem to be solved is what will Scratchy Wilson do in the town and will he kill Jack Potter?

O rder of Action

The story unfolded in the following sequence:

  1. Jack Potter and his new bride are on the train back to Yellow Sky.
  2. Scratchy Wilson comes to town with his guns, looking to fight Jack Potter.
  3. Jack Potter and his wife arrive in Yellow Sky.
  4. Jack Potter and his bride meet up with Scratchy and Scratchy threatens to shoot Jack.
  5. Scratchy sees Jack's bride. .
  6. Scratchy leaves town.
R esolution
  • The problem is solved when Jack tells Scratchy he isn't wearing his gun because he just got married.

E nd
  • At the end of the story, Scratchy finds out that Jack is married, sees Jack's new bride, and leaves town.



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