S etting :

"I'm going to write a story about a shark attack. I'm going to make a story web. In the circle in the middle I"ll write the title: Shark Attack. " In the first box on setting, I'll list the characters, where the story will take place, when, and what happens."

P roblem

"Now I'm going to fill in the circle that describes the problem. I'm going to have Bobby see a shark ready to attack his dad and his friend."

O rder of Action

"Now I'm going to list all of the events that I want to include in my story. I'll number them in the order I want them to happen."

R esolution

"I'm going to tell how the problem was solved. I want to make this funny so I'll have the shark really be a dolphin who wanted to play with them instead of eat them. I'll change the title in the middle and add a question mark at the end to show that it really wasn't a shark attack."

E nd

"In the last box. I'll try to give the moral of the story saying even though it wasn't a shark that tried to attack them, they will still be cautious about sharks when they're in the ocean."



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