I dentify each unfamiliar word (e.g., the word perspicacious). Identifying the unfamiliar words.
F ind the definition of the word.
  • Read the text around the unknown word to see if you can figure out what it means. This is called using context clues. (If you are perspicacious, your keen sense of detail may help you find the meaning from context clues).

  • If you can't figure out the meaning from the context clues, see if the word is in the glossary at the back of the book.

  • If you can't find it in the glossary, look it up in the dictionary (perspicacious - able to understand or perceive keenly).

  • If you still can't understand the definition, ask your teacher to explain it.


Finding the definition of the word.
I solate the word.
  • Write the word on the front of a note card.
A note card with the isolated word.
T ell yourself the definition of the word.
  • Say the definition to yourself.

  • Write the definition on the back of the note card.


A man telling himself the definition of the word.
F ind a key word.
  • Associate a key word with the word you are trying to learn.

  • The key word should sound like or look like a word you already know (e.g., perspicacious looks like the word perspective).
A man finding a key word.
I magine an interaction.
  • Think of an interaction between the word you are trying to remember and the key word. (A perspicacious person has a keen perception).

  • Try to picture the interaction in your mind. (picture the statue of the thinker as a perspicacious person who has a keen perspective).
A man imagining an interaction.
T hink about your strategy.
  • Think of the key word.

  • Then, say the definition of the word aloud.
A man thinking about his strategy.

S tudy the strategy

  • Study your note cards with unfamiliar words.

  • Close your eyes and test yourself. Read the word and then try to recall the definition on the back. Then, check yourself to see if you are correct. If not, try to recall the key word and imagine the interaction between the key word and the word you are trying to remember.