R ead a paragraph or a section of the material you are working on.

  • Do not read long sections because you may not be able to understand the material if you don't break it up into smaller parts.
An open book, with paragraphs waiting to be read.


A sk yourself what the main ideas are.

  • Try to find the sentence or sentences that give the most important ideas in the section that you read.
A man wondering, "What are the main ideas and details?"

P ut the main ideas in your own words.

  • Paraphrasing is when you put material that you read into your own words.

  • When you paraphrase the main ideas, make sure you try to think of other words to say the same thing as in the book.
A well constructed outline of the main ideas.

Q uestions about the reading.

  • Based on your paraphrasing of the main ideas, write a question and an answer on the back of a note card so that you can use this for studying.

  • Compare the note cards that you wrote on the main ideas of previous paragraphs or sections, so that you can see how the ideas of one section are related to the next.
A note card with questions about the reading written on it.


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