R ead a paragraph or a section of the material you are working on.

In the early 1600’s, the German mathematician Johannes Keplar began studying the orbits of the planets. He discovered that the shapes of the orbits are not circular, but are elliptical. He also calculated that the sun is not at the center of the ellipse, but is offset from the center.
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A sk yourself what the main ideas are.

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P ut the main ideas in your own words.

"The main idea is that Keplar studied the orbits of the planets. He found the orbit is not round, but oval and the sun is not the middle, but offset from the center."

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Q uestions about the reading.

  • Write on the front of the note card.

    What did Keplar find out about the orbits of the planets?
  • Write on the back of the note card.

    Orbits are not circular but are elliptical. Sun is not at center but is offset.
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