T ry not to doodle while taking notes.
  • Doodling breaks your concentration and takes your focus away from note taking.

  • Each time you feel yourself wanting to doodle, take that urge and write down what the teacher is saying.


A doodle.
A rrive at each class prepared.
  • Read all assigned readings and review all previous lecture notes so that you will understand what is covered in the lecture.

  • If you are not prepared, you will be more likely to daydream and become distracted.

A man thinking about how relaxed and prepared he is.
S it near the front of the classroom.
  • Sit near the front so that you can clearly see the teacher, the chalkboard, and any overheads, Power Point or computer presentation.

A student sitting close to the teacher.
S it away from friends.
  • If you sit near friends, you will be tempted to talk or pass notes to them.

  • If you have assigned seats and you have to sit near friends, resist talking to them or passing notes during class.
Chatting, crossed out.
E nd daydreaming.
  • If you become aware that you are daydreaming, immediately change your position. Sit forward and look at the teacher's eyes.

  • Turn your attention to the teacher and write down whatever s/he is saying even if you may later find that it was not important.
A daydream, crossed out.
L ook at the teacher.
  • Make eye contact with the teacher as much as possible. This will give the feeling that you are having a conversation with the teacher.

  • Whenever you are not taking notes or looking at the chalkboard, overheads, Power Point presentation, or computer screen, keep your eyes on the teacher.
Eyes staring at each other.
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